We're Off

The last few days have been a whirlwind.

There is too much to do when preparing to leave home for six weeks. There's so much still to do that I probably shouldn't be writing right now. I should be packing odds and ends, cleaning the fridge, throwing in last bits of laundry, blanching the veggies from our CSA pickup this week and tossing them in the freezer for safe keeping, but I need to let you know what's going on.

This afternoon, my husband and I are leaving for six weeks in Australia. Graeme, being a pianist, is going on a concert tour. I, being a lover-of-adventure, am going along for the ride. I'll do my fair share of CD selling, but I'll also do plenty of exploring, taste-testing, picture-taking and writing, so stay tuned. For the next 46 days, we'll be talking about the wonders and delights of the Land Down Under.

But now, I have to finish packing my carry-on. Did I mention we're not checking luggage? I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. Hi Janine :)
    Can't wait to follow you on your trip!
    Take lots of pics. Love you lots!!

  2. Looking forward to living vicariously through your blog! Well, at the very least I'll be reading it... not sure about the living vicariously part yet!

    God bless your travels!

  3. Dear Janine,

    Have a wonderful trip and take care.

  4. Thanks for coming along, guys. I miss you all, too.

    Trevor, I hope I meet the standard. Thanks for reading!

    : )