About the Music

With a few days of tour left, we really should talk about the music, shouldn't we? After all, you may be wondering what this concert tour is all about.

Well, it's Nick's tour actually. Nick Parnell. He's a concert percussionist. 

Did you know there were such things as concert percussionists?

I didn't, until a few years ago.

It's pretty cool stuff.

Mostly, on this tour anyway, it's classical and world music re-contextualized for vibraphone and piano, with other percussion instruments, like drums, wood blocks, chimes, etc, incorporated throughout. It's a spectacular show, both musically and visually. 

Graeme is a pianist. He loves to perform and to collaborate with other musicians. He works primarily with opera singers, but for the last several weeks, he's been enjoying the change and the chance to work with Nick again. 

If you're interested in Nick's music, check him out on YouTube. There are one or two clips on there. (Please note, the pianist in those clips is not my husband.) You could also visit his website: www.nickparnell.com

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