The View from the Backseat Window

We've logged thousands of miles, strike that, thousands of kilometers since the concert tour began on September 9th. In our little green rental car, we've driven from Perth to Katanning to Denmark to Albany to Bunbury to Dalwallanu to Wyalkatchem and back to Perth again. I've seen much of the southwestern corner of WA from the window of the green bug. This was my view:

Canola Fields

Gum Trees
Lots and lots of all sorts of gum trees
Sheep Paddocks
Lots and lots of sheep paddocks
Lots and lots of cattle
Remains after bush fires

Coal Mining Pile-Ups
Salt Lakes
When the salinity gets high enough, the water turns pinkish

Red Clay Roads
And more gum trees
Wheat Fields

Today, we return the car and fly to Esperance for the final concert of the Western Australia leg of the tour. Tomorrow, it's back to Adelaide for a few days of rest, then onto the east coast.


  1. I'm enjoying your posts and all the wonderful pics! Enjoy your time of rest... hope the concerts are going great! <3

  2. Hey. Concerts are going well. It's good to have a few days off the road. Thanks so much for reading. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm having fun with it.

  3. Emu! Scary in life, tasty in burger form.