I may need to eat my words.

Last Wednesday, just before leaving for tour the next day, we caught up with good friends the Downes Family one more time. We may start calling them our Kangaroo Friends, because they had us pile into the car again, as they did three years ago, in search of kangaroo.

This time, instead of the reservoir, we went to the scrub, where about 300 kangaroo were rumored to be hanging out. Andrew and Jacqui rang their son Joram, who was already out in the scrub with his friends, and asked him to meet us in the car park.

Jorem led us to the roos, and we were not disappointed. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Following the tracks

Me and Jacqui, tramping through a large clearing where we made our first roo sighting


Me and Andrew peering into the scrub, tracking the roos

A big one

Getting so close I could see its tongue

Creeping along the treeline, getting close to the group
Me and Graeme

There were about a hundred out there that afternoon. As we drove back to Adelaide to meet our family for dinner, I questioned the validity of my previous post. Maybe roo sightings weren't as rare as I said they were. Graeme pointed out that we had to go in search of the roos in order to see them.

At dinner, we showed off the pictures and replayed the videos we took. Everyone seemed pretty interested, and I don't think they were just being polite. Malcolm, Graeme's brother, who is a counselor at a school in the Adelaide suburbs, said that half the students at his school would have never seen what we saw.

So, I feel relatively vindicated in my previous post, and really blessed to have enjoyed such a sighting. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Thanks Andrew, Jacqui, Joram, Letitia, and Jai!


  1. J9- what fun!!! thanks for sharing and i'll be sure to show Ryne these as we've read books about roos. =)

  2. Seeing a pack (a pride, a gaggle - what do you call a group?)of roos twice in as many trips is a good omen.

    Neen, a "car park"?

  3. This is fascinating stuff, Janine. I would have assumed roos were as plentiful as deer here in PA (and yes, I read that post too -- just now). Guess they don't get hit by cars as often as deer do.

    Have you seen koalas or wallabies?

    Glad to see you started a blog. It's fun.

  4. are you wearing a winter coat and flip flops?

  5. Hi Joanne! Thanks for being here. Here's the understanding I've come to on kangaroos--yes they are as plentiful as deer, just not as visible. Perhaps because of the massive amount of development in our greater Phila region, the deer have less wilderness to hang out and hide in than the roos. We did see a dead one on the open highway a few days back, but we were way out in the country. No koalas or wallabies yet, except in wildlife parks, but that doesn't really count, does it.

    Lizzie--yes. Flip flops and a winter coat. You have good eyes. I have great fashion!