An Alternate View

After kicking back for the weekend, enjoying time with the family at Wayne and Jan's house on the Murray,

Jan, Wayne, Chris, and Malcolm on the dock.
And Quinn too.
a cruise on Malcolm's boat,

and a walk on the beach with friends,

we said farewell to Adelaide and those whom we love dearly and embarked on the second and final leg of the concert tour.

Destination: Victoria and New South Wales.

Thirteen days. Eight cities. Eight concerts. No sweat.

We're in Wagga Wagga now.

Isn't that fun to say?

I'm laid up with a sinus infection, and Graeme is off, not feeling much better himself, performing with Nick. I hope it's going well. I'm sure it is.

Today being the second day on the road again, I don't have much to share--except that we splurged tonight and ordered room service--risotto with ham, spinach and mushroom--and it was so convenient, and so good, and I didn't think to take a picture of it until it was long gone.

But I want to back up a few days to last Friday and tell you about our flight from Esperance back to Adelaide.

With Nick's father John as our pilot, we flew in this:

Graeme in foreground, smiling.
Nick in background, texting.
We saw this:

Farmland surrounding Esperance

Salt Pools

Even Saltier Pools

Getting closer to the Nullarbor

The desolation of the Nullarbor Plain

Half-way through our 5-hour flight, we landed on this:

Dirt air-strip at Border Village, on the border of WA and SA

Then, we ate at this:
Road house at Border Village, where we ate lunch.
Other than this, BV is made up of a few out-buildings,
some sleeping quarters and a fuel station.

From the air, Border Village looked like this:
Border Village from the air. Population: 20.
Basically, it's a service station and roadhouse
on the highway that crosses the Nullarbor.

At the end of our flight, tired but happy, we posed for this:

Graeme, Me, and John, our pilot
It was a was great experience.


  1. Nice photos, Janine. I love the boat. I could live on something like that. Didn't know about those salt pools that turn pink. Fascinating.

    I have a friend in Hobart, Tasmania (fellow aneurysm survivor -- we "met" online). Guess you're not going there... But whenever she sends me photos of the beach, I'm always amazed that there's NO ONE on the beach. It's a far cry from New Jersey, where you have to fight for space for your blanket and beach chairs. Australia sounds like my kind of place.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Joanne, I didn't know you're an aneurysm survivor. Wow! And yes, the beaches here are wonderfully empty (esp cuz it's only spring), but I'm told that even in the summer they're not crowded. Graeme finds a day at the Jersey shore to be a bizarre experience.

  3. So, you said on the phone (the "courtesy" wake-up call) Malcolme built that boat. That is very cool and begs more info. But for now, just tell me that you weren't on the edge of a cliff shooting the picture. (Made me nervous enough -you on that mini-plane for such a long trip.)

    Hope you're feeling better. See you in <2 weeks. There's a marching band competition on the 16th at UM...ya in?

  4. Don't worry. No cliffs. Just a tiered backyard and steps up the house. Feeling much better now. Band comp sounds good.